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Port80 - The default port number where a web server listens for and responds to incoming HTTP requests.

With 60 years of combined business and programming expertise in the Internet and software verticals, Port80 Software, Inc. develops software products to enhance security, performance and user experience in Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS).

Compared to functionality taken for granted in the Linux/Unix world with the Apache web server, we recognized the difficulty of following industry best practices to deliver Web sites on the Windows platform. Our goal is to make it easier to follow these best practices by narrowing functional differences between IIS and Apache web servers in three key areas:

    Security - Information leakage regarding content and technologies deployed should be minimized.

    Performance - Users should only access what they need when they need it in the most optimized form.

    User Experience - Technologies should be transparent to end-users, anticipate errors and self-correct to provide the desired result.

In 2002, we have released four IIS server modules, including ServerMask, CacheRight, CustomError and URLSpellCheck. More IIS server modules are currently in development for release later this year. For additional information or for updates on new product releases, email us at [email protected].

Port80 Software is a Microsoft Certified Partner located in San Diego, CA.

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