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Donít tempt potential hackers! Hide your Windows Web server with ServerMask.

ServerMask 2.0 for IIS
A major security issue is the exposure of a Web serverís identity via its HTTP header. Broadcasting this data makes it easier for a potential intruder to complete their first hacking task -- identifying your operating system and Web server -- so don't let them know what you are running. If you can prevent information leakage regarding your Web server, you should prevent it. ServerMask 2.0 obscures the identity of a Windows Web server by removing the most obvious signs that you are running IIS.

ServerMask 2.0 removes or modifies unnecessary response data. The software provides control over what Server header data, if any, is visible in HTTP responses. Session cookie masking, a unique feature not available in any other software, permits the customization of any type of session cookie (including the Windows-specific ASP session cookie). ServerMask 2.0 can emulate the Apache Web serverís HTTP header order and disable Microsoft WebDav with one click to suppress its multiple identifiable headers. It also removes the Windows-specific Public header from HTTP responses, a relic of HTTP 1.0 seldom used today, and converts the Windows SMTP banner to any message. When combined with these recommendations, ServerMask 2.0 provides the anonymization component of your total security strategy. ServerMask is a fast, robust IIS module that can be installed and configured in less than 2 minutes. So make your site more secure by downloading and installing ServerMask today!

  • Make your Windows Web server anonymous to the majority of hackers
  • Simplify the complex, time consuming process of masking your serverís identity manually via custom ISAPI development
  • No noticeable server performance impact
  • Quick and easy installation and configuration
  • Compatible with IIS Lockdown, URLScan, and major third party server-side scripting platforms like ASP, ColdFusion, PHP and Perl new!
  • Variety of masking options
    • Remove Server header
    • Randomize Server header among common servers
    • Customize header
    • Customize all application server or scripting environment session cookies new!
    • Emulate Apache HTTP header order new!
    • Disable Microsoft WebDav with one click (Windows 2000 only with Service Pack 3 installed) new!
    • Remove Public header new!
    • Change SMTP banner display new!
  • Small memory footprint (232KB for an ISAPI filter and MMC snap-in extension)
  • Super fast ISAPI filter
  • Easy to configure with MMC interface
  • Simple to install/uninstall
  • IIS 4 / NT
  • IIS 5 / Windows 2000
  • IIS 5.1 / Windows XP
  • Single-server unlimited domains license - $49.95
  • Multi-server license - Please contact us for quote

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"Port80 Software's ServerMask is clearly the best solution yet produced for managing the IIS Server banner."

- Brett Hill
Microsoft MVP
& IIS Guru


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